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Bed bug theology


Canadian writer Liz James recently shared a very timely blog on the subject of our current world situation, which coincidentally has a really strong link to theology and spirituality.  And using the story of bed bugs actually helps drive the story home!

We’re all in this together — connected spiritually and invisibly, if not politically, legally, socioeconomically, etc., etc. And the faster we realize that little principle of mutual co-existence, the sooner we’ll get out of our contemporary quandaries over national leadership (or lack thereof), world hunger, the fragility of peace between nations, racism, rampant corporate greed, and so forth.

Most of the world’s great spiritual teachers have long emphasized that we are indeed our brother’s and sister’s keepers, to treat each other as neighbors rather than strangers, and basically, to love one another, even if it’s strange, icky, itchy, or uncomfortable.

And if the lowly bed bug can be a fitting symbol of this paradox, all the better (or bedder). It’s counter-productive to debate the cause, or whose fault it is.  As Liz says, we simply “need to know that we are not at our best, and forgive ourselves that.” And move on from there, finding solutions!

Write on, Liz James, and keep reminding us that we’re all on this earth to care for one another…and that means leaving it as a better place for our children.


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