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Here it is, almost 25 days after the Boston Marathon tragedy, and most of the stories in the news have to do with where the suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is going to be buried.  The latest is that it’s at an undisclosed location, outside of Massachusetts.

The bigger question is, what is everybody doing to help the victims?  There’s a website that has five ways to help people affected by the bombing.  There’s also a slide show about the five ways, that would make a good audiovisual to pass around or use when talking with friends.

One of the ways people can help is contributing to organizations like OneFund, which are raising money to pay for victims’ healthcare and therapy costs.   Unfortunately, according to the latest updates, the fund has a long, long way to go.  The estimate is that it won’t even begin to cover a large number of the victims out there.  So they’re prioritizing or doing triage on a “need” basis — much like the doctors in the emergency rooms after the bombing.

It seems like the big challenge of one’s faith right now is how to respond to this situation.  We can’t just let things go back to “normal,” business as usual.  If they tell us money is short, then we all need to make a concerted effort to put our faith where our mouth is, and get out there to raise more funds to care for the victims.



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